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Each kit contains a colourful, 25-card oracle deck for daily inspiration, 1 energy crystal and instructions for use.


Learn how to feed your body, mind and spirit well by nourishing them effectively every day! Feel better and manifest your goals easily by taking care of you first.

Packaged in a beautiful organza bag, this deck comes complete with a matching Chakra gemstone and instructions for use.

    Chakra Oracle Card Deck

    SKU: CC2019
    • This item weighs 1.32lbs.  It's size is 4x6.  It comes in 7 colours.


      Choose from:

      • Red = Root Chakra
      • Orange = Sacral Chakra
      • Yellow = Solar Plexus Chakra
      • Green - Heart Chakra
      • Blue = Throat Chakra
      • Purple = 3rd Eye Chakra
      • Lavender - Crown Chakra