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Dana Centre of the Heart

When magic happens...

Founding partners from left to right;

Barbara Hitchko-Thompson, Aine Sun, Joanna McDonald

Barbara Hitchko-Thompson, Aine Sun & Joanna McDonald have created a space for all to enjoy!  This space has been a dream for all of them and the whole process & creation of such, has been a tremendous blessing.  It is truly profound what happens when women work together in heart-centered collaboration; it is pure magic!

The Dana Centre of the Heart, located at 524 Main road in Hudson, Quebec has opened November 1st, 2019.  This is a place where ALL women are welcome to be as they are, to feel safe as they allow themselves to awaken and nurture the Divine Feminine gifts within.

Our space includes a boutique of spiritual products & body care items, a sacred space for women's coming of age, mother/daughter circles, Divine Feminine courses & workshops, spiritual mentorship, intuitive Readings, medical intuition, Reiki, meditation and Doula services from MotherWit.  Visit our current events page here.

We also have an "Open Hearth of the Heart" which is opening hours for authentic sharing & caring in a safe space; a place to come to where the pot of tea is always on and an open, non-judgmental heart is here to listen so you do not feel alone.  You can share, heal and feel nourished just as you are in that moment.